An ERT refresher course has never been so easy to follow

Have you followed an emergency response course and are you an emergency response officer? Then it’s important to continue to maintain the acquired knowledge. Even if you finished the course a while ago, you must stay informed about how to act in case of calamities. After all, you and your fellow EROs are responsible for an orderly procedure during an evacuation and for good life-saving first actions if someone develops health problems. The emergency response refresher course is easy to follow online and at your own pace.

Stay up to date with a refresher course in BHV

With an online emergency response refresher course, you won’t lose time driving to a location. This will undoubtedly suit both you and your employer. This also ensures that no extra CO² is emitted, which also makes this refresher course sustainable. During the emergency response refresher course you will see some interactive videos to refresh your knowledge. You will then be given a few questions that you must answer correctly. You will receive a push message every six months when it is time to refresh your knowledge. If you answer the questions correctly during the emergency response refresher course, you will receive your certificate.

ERT (BHV) refresher course at

At you follow an ERT course and your ERT refresher course in the most sustainable way. Actually, this method only has advantages. As a company it is important to constantly consider the environmental aspect. Because your employees no longer have to leave the house for a refresher course, you are working responsibly as a company. Because the course is offered online, this reduces costs, making both course and refresher courses very affordable. The quality is guaranteed, the courses comply with occupational health and safety regulations.

Course Curriculum

First Aid Responder training
Introduction to First Aid Training 00:00:00
Recognizing Gasping 00:00:00
Giving CPR 00:00:00
How to use an AED 00:30:00
The Rautek grip training 00:20:00
The Heimlich Maneuver training 00:00:00
The Log roll training 00:00:00
The Recovery position training 00:00:00
Stopping Severe Bleeding training 00:00:00
Assessment: First Aid Responder 00:45:00
Fire Safety and Evacuation training
The Mechanics of Fire 00:00:00
Fire Types 00:00:00
Introducing Fire Extinguishers 00:00:00
Using Fire Extinguishers 00:00:00
Checking Fire Extinguishers 00:00:00
The Evacuation procedure 00:20:00
The Door procedure 00:00:00
Assessment: Fire Safety and Evacuation 00:45:00

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